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Contact information and links policy changes

Contact information and links policy changes

Remove contact details and links to other websites to help create a safe, secure and fair marketplace for all.

What do you need to know?

  • We updated our links and contact information policies earlier this year. 
  • You can no longer include contact details in item descriptions.
  • From October 2017, we may obscure contact details if you include them in your item descriptions.
  • From early 2018, we may remove listings that contain contact details or links that direct buyers off eBay.

Contact information and links policy changes

Earlier this year, we updated our Contact information in listings policy to specify that you would no longer be allowed to include contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses or social media profiles, in item descriptions, images and eBay Shops. 

At the same time, we updated our Links policy to specify that you can include links that direct customers to a site other than eBay as long as they point to:

  • Information on delivery services.
  • Product videos, e.g. reviews, product demonstrations or installation.
  • Other legally required information, such as warranties.

These changes were also reflected in our updated Offers to buy or sell outside of eBay policy.

If you offer or reference your contact information, or ask for a buyer’s contact information when you buy or sell outside eBay, you are liable for final value fees even if the item doesn't sell.

Your contact details

If you’re operating as a business on, you must complete the Business Seller Information section in My eBay. By doing so, we’ll automatically display your business contact details and address in the Business info section of your profile.

On individual listings, we’ll display your VAT number (if available) along with the Terms and conditions for the sale, your Returns policy and any additional legally required contact information you enter in My eBay.

We also added a new feature recently which lets you share a customer service phone number with customers who’ve purchased items from you. Visit the manage your buyers’ questions page to add these details now.

Better image quality to help communication

Based on customer feedback, we’ve improved the quality for images you can attach to your messages when reponding to potential buyers.

Your images are now rendered in high resolution, up to 1600x1600 pixels, instead of the previous maximum of 500x500 pixels. This helps you share a more detailed view of your item.

Adding links to your listings

We allow a number of links, such as those that point to information on delivery services and videos of product demonstrations.

For links that you are permitted to use in your listings, be sure to use the target=”_blank” attribute in your HTML item description. 

We recommend you update your compliant hyperlinks at your earliest convenience to ensure they continue to work correctly in the future. Until the end of 2017, we’ll temporarily auto-correct any links that do not contain the target=”_blank” attribute.

✓ <a href="" target="_blank">eBay</a> 

✗ <a href="">eBay</a>

Review your listings now

If you haven’t updated your listing yet to remove contact information and non-compliant links, we recommend you do this as soon as possible. To find listings that include contact information, visit My eBay or Selling Manager Pro.

Remember, you’re responsible for reviewing and updating your listings in order to comply with these policy changes and we recommend you do this as soon as possible.

From October 2017, we may obscure contact details if you include them in your item descriptions.

From early 2018, if we find listings which we believe contain contact details in the item description, we may end them. Similarly, you won’t be able to publish new listings which contain contact details. 

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Need more help? Get in touch with our Customer Service team.

Date published: 19 September 2017