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Business seller news | Spring 2017


WE'RE evolving our marketplace to create a better shopping experience.

Rewarding sellers who offer buyer-friendly returns

From autumn 2017, we’re rewarding sellers who offer buyer-friendly returns policies with greater visibility to their listings, as well as additional control and protection so you can sell with confidence.

Updates to seller performance standards

We’re making seller performance standards fairer and more consistent when selling abroad, plus we’re doing more to protect your seller level as you expand internationally. We’re also changing the late delivery rate requirement for eBay Top-rated Sellers from 4% to 3%.

Category and item specific changes - June 2017

We've updated our categories to make sure we’re up to date with industry standards, adapting to the latest product trends and aligned across our international markets. The latest changes go live from 13 June 2017.

Remove active content from your listings

We've got more tips to help you prepare for the removal of active content from eBay.

Policy updates

As we continue to improve our marketplace for buyers and sellers, we're making some changes to our policies.