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Business seller news | Spring 2018


Better experience. more growth.

This spring, we're introducing changes to help you to grow and to make your business a success. We're evolving to keep ahead of buyer demand, and with your help we'll create a gold standard retail experience on eBay to keep buyers coming back for your products.

Growth tools

To help you boost your sales, we’re improving the marketing tools available to you and helping you with further insights.

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Better shopping experience

Making the shopping experience more secure and mobile-friendly, and improving category and item specifics.

Colourful, eBay-branded parcels
Returns and delivery standards

Retail-standard returns policies and delivery experiences that are gold standard, meet buyer expectations and help to boost your sales.

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Changes on our international sites

Do you sell on sites other than We've summarised the changes on international eBay sites for you.

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